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If you study our bachelor course in Design, you chose from one of the 2D, 3D or 4D disciplines in your first year: Advertising & Beyond, Animation, Audiovisual Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Transformation Design, Product Design of Spatial Design. Rotterdam is home base to quite many designers in all disciplines that have gained an international reputation. Many of them have been educated at WdKA: as a 'typical Rotterdam' academy it boasts a strong tradition in design education. Quite logical in a city that is an internationally orientated hub for trade and transport, and that is all about 'getting things done'. Rotterdam manifests itself - both nationally and internationally - as a 'city of design'. Proof of that is the biennial Rotterdam Design Prize. On the one hand, Rotterdam designers are characterized by their pragmatic 'hands on' approach ("don't fuss, just do it!"). On the other hand, they are renowned for their innovative and personal approach of design assignments. Over the past two decades, digital media have transformed all WdKA's design courses - like they transformed professional practice. Digital media are not just important as tools in the design process, but even more as a new arena for designers to work in. From day one, digital media are an integral part of the curriculum of all WdKA design courses.

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