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Art theory, research and experimentation all play a prominent role within your study programme. Studying Fine Art at the WdKA means learning to define and redefine what art is – or can be – in relation to society. Our BFA department is called Autonome Beeldende Kunst which translates as ‘autonomous visual art’, a specific field of contemporary art. Our department focuses on the fact that we as humans exist together, in constant communication (both visual and linguistic). We share awareness of the influence of concepts and language in relation to the image. At the Fine Art department, we stimulate you to develop your own forms of making-meaning, and constantly (re)determine them under the influence of perception, memory and imagination, and the expression of these. An area in which art is positioned in relation to society – while still able to and daring to give space for new, incomplete, dis-articulated forms of imagination and expression. An area where you can - and will need to - redefine the rules and shapes of what art can be. At Fine Art you develop your artistic talent through a broad training in all aspects of the profession. Applied artistic research, concept development, ‘making’ skills, communication of your work, as well as entrepreneurial skills relevant to the domain of the arts.

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Fine Art

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Artistieke aanleg die blijkt uit: beeldend vermogen, werken vanuit waarneming en vanuit fantasie; gevoel voor kleur, vorm en materiaal; oorspronkelijkheid en eigenzinnigheid.

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